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Thanks to one of our Listeners in Sweden we have confirmed what a majority of the issues with Moody Radio might be, especially for our international audience. 

**Disclaimer this article refers to technical information. There are technical terms you may not understand if you are not tech savvy. You can contact us for explanation or guidance in helping you understand how this concept works, but it is technical information.**

*Dictionary: Whitelisting - allowing a particular web address to be accessed by your network. It is the opposite of Blacklisting: blocking particular web addresses from your network.*

One of the primary reasons you might be having issues with Moody Radio may be with DNS resolving. 
If you noticed a trend that nothing on your network connects to Moody Radio this may be the culprit. 

Our streams play on
URLssuchas: primary.moodyradiostream.org
But if your local DNS server cannot find an address for primary.moodyradiostream.org it will go searching other DNS server's databases for the address it needs. What you need to do is WhiteList our primary server addresses and then things should resolve and work. 
Example: primary.moodyradiostream.org = (or IP 

By WhiteListing that address on your local DNS server you will be able to access that stream more effectively. You should add this IP address, as well as the IP addresses for each stream onto your WhiteList in your Router. 

Thank you, 
-The Moody Technical Team 

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