How to Change Your Station

With the launch of our new websites, you may experience some trouble with the Listen Button from previous browsing history or personal settings. One good way to fix this is to pick your favorite station through our “change station” feature. Below, I provide three ways to do that, in your Mobile Internet ViewOn Your Desktop, and on the Moody Radio APP.

Mobile Internet View (clicking on your phone’s Internet ICON and searching for Moody Radio), You are able to click on the page menu in the top right, click on “stations” and look for the “change” station button.  Once you pick your favorite station this will hold until you change it again.

Your Desktop…you can click on the “change station” button on the right side of the top ribbon and pick favorite Florida station.  This will hold this station as your favorite until you change it again and can be done on your phone, desktop or tablet.  The experience may be slightly different but it is there.

On the APP
…in the “Discover” window…there is a “Find Your Local Station” link.  You can click on your station and click on the star in the top right to hold this station as your favorite.

- The Moody Technical Support Team

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