How to Download a Podcast

How to Download a Podcast

(For a video tutorial, use the following ink:

1) Go to the homepage of the program you would like to download. For this example, I will be using Chris Fabry Live!

2) Select "Available on iTunes" on the right of the screen.

3) This will bring up an iTunes preview webpage. Select which podcast you would like to download and click "View in iTunes" on the left of your screen.

4) This will bring up iTunes itself. Click on "Get" for the podcast that you would like to download. This will seem like it does nothing, but it is downloading it to your podcasts.

5) After you have downloaded the podcast, you will probably want to be able to listen to it. Click on the "My Podcasts" button near the top of the screen.

 6) The podcast that you downloaded should now be available as your most recent download. Have fun listening!


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